"Kevin Durant"

"Claire" Big Eyed Portrait

"Long Gone Johnny" Big Eyed Portrait

"Tower of Terror" Themed Wedding Invitation" 

"Jill and Willie Nelson" Big Eyed Portrait

"Jill and Waylon" Big Eyed Portrait


"Childhood Home"

Barbra Hale as "Della Street" with stuffed monkey

"Nude Barbie"


"Wednesday and Curly Joe"

"Giulietta and the Lady"

"The Dog with the Pearl Earring"




"Headin' South" Brad Stubbs, Album Cover

" You Ain't Nothin' but a Groundhog "

"Just Whistle" Lauren Bacall

"Lovely Rita Hayworth"

"Strike 9" Rock Group

"Viper" 12" Acrylic on Metal Flake Vinyl